About us

And our mobile app

Cabidi is an easy to use taximeter app for Android devices. This app provides all the base features needed to start a taxi business. With this app you can estimate fees, meter taxi trips by distance, time or both at the same time. You can easily charge money from your customer via this app and send/print receipt eg. SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc.. You can also keep driving/work diary with this app and export them to nice Excel/CVS format. This is the best tool for starting your taxi business today with a small fee. You do not need to pay any commissions of your work. This taxi app is developed by Ewooks


No hidden charges
Drag the table left and right.
Starter Moderate Pro Business
Subscripe plan 1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
Price* 8€ 23€ 38€ 96€
Free trial 14 days 14 days NO NO
*All prices are without taxes. Google Play calculates taxes during purchase.
Before use, check your local laws and regulations about taximeter or taxi app usage in business. Local laws may not allow use digital GPS bassed taximeter but OBD taximeter may be allowed and Cabidi is support OBD devices

Why choose us

Best mobile taximeter in world

All drive data is saved to a local device where you can take backups as needed example by using Google Drive. You manage your drives yourself.

No hidden fees
Start driving a taxi today using our application. You only pay a fixed monthly fee for the use of the program. No hidden costs from a taximeter

Credit cards accepted
Cabidi is integrade to SumUp payment system. To start receiving payments via credit cards and other means, you need order SumUp Air. By using this link you get a discount from SumUP air

Lot's of features

  • - GPS or OBD based distance calculation
  • - 4 Customizable base fees
  • - 4 Customizable extra fees
  • - Meter calculate by distance,time or both
  • - Print or send (email, SMS, WhatUp etc..) receipt for customer
  • - Intergrated to SumUp payment system
  • - Driving diary
  • - Working diary
  • - Backups to Google Drive
  • - Build in OSM online map support
  • - OSM map navigation
  • - Google Map navigation widget support
  • - Night theme mode
  • - Works like real taximeter.